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WHY use reusable menstrual pads or menstrual cup?

Updated: May 14, 2023

At the mention of reusable menstrual pads, the first thing that comes to mind is:

EWWWWWW. Who would touch those things??

I know. I must say, that was how I felt. But it faded off soon enough.

For so many of us who were educated to know that disposable sanitary napkins or other disposables- IS THE WAY of modern life, washable pads sound so unhygienic and probably ancient.

I wouldn’t have batted an eye on the matter at all if it wasn’t for the plastics situation because I only came to know how un-environmental the usage of disposable pads through the current waste issue.

So, now that I had- I won’t sweep it under the rug (and neither should you).

We were all taught modern, graceful, classy, educated ladies dispose off their menstrual pads.

Hold it, people! The thought of your used pads floating in the sea or sitting in the landfill doesn't look very graceful either.

And unconscious consumers aren't sexy either (both genders)

And dudes- before you skip this and think this is an irrelevant topic to your life- think again & read on.

In all recent bids to be as green as possible, using reusable menstrual products is one move that is gaining momentum. In case you didn’t know: a fair amount of non-biodegradable material is in all disposable sanitary products- of all sizes and shape.

Now, just so we are all clear, I am not against the usage of disposable products but

the fact that it is not environmentally friendly is undeniable and the fact that we are afraid of our own s**T just doesn’t seem right either.

Switching from just-throw-it-away to washing-it-every-time menstrual pads did required some adjustment but the washing does get easier over time and these are some realizations I had along the journey:

1. Whoever said menstrual blood is dirty? I used to get irked at the thought of accidentally touching the soiled pads (because I was trained not to touch it and throw it out straight), but ever since I started using reusable menstrual pads; I thought: how is this different from underwear anyways?? They are all worn at the same place! I don’t throw them after every use! I WASH THEM and REUSE them!!

2. So, you’re thinking who has time for all that icky washing? Convenience for the self- where we think our time is more precious than some others and sometimes, some other things are more precious than our well being. Regardless, to date- no man has known to have outsmarted death . It is widely known that disposable menstrual products contain chemical substances that aren’t safe. So, If hygiene and health are your concern, reusable menstrual pads actually make more sense too. They are just cloth being smartly layered. How dangerous can they be? Also, a dying environment is not exactly healthy or convenient.

3. Not creating any trash every time when it’s the-time-of-the-month: is REALLY very gratifying. If you think about it- this is a rather consistent trash. Every-single-bloody-month. Washing it means throwing nothing away and not contributing to landfill. Honestly, this feeling felt amazing.

4. Money saved!! If you had often felt that expenditures on disposable menstrual products are inevitable, then this is definitely one of the most gratifying part of using reusable menstrual pads: you DON’T HAVE TO BUY EVERY USE! Yes, they do cost more upfront, but they last for years. In the long run- these are savings.

5. They are more FAR MORE COMFORTABLE than expected: Because reusable menstrual pads are just made differently from the disposable ones. Cloth pads are made mostly with soft, breathable fabrics that allow better airflow, unlike disposable pads than are backed with plastic (as you can see).

6. Period has never looked more pleasing: However uncomfortable it is, this is a course of nature. But reusable menstrual pads that come in all sorts of patterns are the very least pleasing to the eyes and it kind of takes a little off the anxiety. Well, at least something nice about AUNTY FLO presence.

7. Are you sure using a disposable sanitary napkin every time is truly your decision? I don’t know about you- but I was never taught to have an option. I had known the disposable way as the only way.

Just like every other right you have in your life- you have the right to know there are better ways to take care of yourself and your monthly menstrual matter that is not at the expense of a greater balance that could affect health &well being.

Switching to any other methods that will require more of your time may sound inconvenient, but hey- it is your time, your body, your rights, your decision, OUR earth.

Of course, if you are open to other means- menstrual cup is a good option that many women have found it to be a joy to use.

Whichever way; do consider switching to either one:

so your disposable menstrual products do not end up on some beaches or worst- your child picking it up someday, somewhere, somehow.

Just so we are clear, this entire post is unaffiliated whatsoever. But I had personally found these reusable menstrual pads to be very pleasant.

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