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Yoga for pregnant moms
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Mild & mindful exercises are important during pregnancy. Stretches inspired by yoga asana are gentle and safe for both mom & baby. As your pregnancy progresses, there will be changes to your body & mind. Yoga helps you to be more aware** of these changes. Staying confined to your bed will only worsen discomfort as tension in the body builds up. Start moving gently and find ease through your pregnancy and perhaps- even more.

** it is important to train with qualified instructors. 

Yoga is safe during pregnancy because:

  • It is mild and gentle.

  • Stretches help release tension within the body.

  • It strengthens your body.

  • It calms the mind.

  • You learn to adapt to changes with useful techniques & props.

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Mothers who practice yoga during their pregnancy say:

  • They significantly sleep better.

  • Reduced backaches.

  • Adapt to body changes better.

  • They breathe better.

  • Improved awareness of their body.

  • Overall, a better pregnancy experience.

Private lessons

Practicing during this time of your life is an experience unlike any other.

Having one-to-one attention helps you understand you and your practice better.

Invest in yourself.


Post-natal yoga

Stay vital, come back stronger and watch your baby grow. We run classes that allow both mom & baby to have fun together.

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Namuyoga studio

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