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FAQ for Yoga during Pregnancy

Q: When can I start practicing?

A: Anytime. However, most expectant moms prefer starting after the 1st trimester, where morning sickness had eased & they generally feel more energetic.  This is also the usual professional healthcare providers’ point of view as pregnancy stabilizes after the 1st trimester, where the risk of miscarriage is much lower. Therefore, 13th weeks onwards is generally ideal for anyone! Anyways, bear in mind, everyone feels differently about their body & pregnancy. If you are feeling all right, you may start practicing earlier.



Q: My belly is not visible yet, can I start?!

A: Yes, absolutely!! The visibility of your belly is not a pre-requisite for class! In fact- the earlier you start practicing, the better! This gives you more time&opportunity to adapt, observe & embrace the changes. The fact is, your growing belly will naturally (somewhat) limit your practice. Therefore, if you can start practicing before your belly becomes obvious, your body&mind have more time to adapt and accept the forthcoming changes. You will be physically & mentally much more aware & prepared.


Q: I have no prior yoga practice- is it ok?

A: You do not need any experience to start practicing. This is also true for anyone regardless of age who wants to start a practice. Come as you are. Anytime is a good time to practice. Don’t wait.


Q: What should I wear?

A: Anything comfortable that doesn’t restrict your movements and constrict your belly. There is no dress code for yoga. Fashion is, of course, a different thing & of personal preferences. Some people like their glorious bumps under the sky, some just prefer staying subtle. Whatever feels comfortable and empowers you- wear those. Comfort is a priority!


Q: Can my husband join me?

A: He is most welcome to join the class as long as he feels comfortable among all the pregnant moms! He will be treated just like any student/learner, joining the class as an individual.


Q: Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

A: Yes. Students must bring their own mats to practice. It is after all more hygienic. Besides, your yoga mat is your personal space.


Q: Why should I practice during pregnancy? What are the benefits?

A: I am sure you will find tonnes of research, review & feedback on this subject. So, perhaps--- put Google to good use & empower yourself with knowledge. As this can be a long topic, I will not elaborate here. Anyways, in my experience- if I were to chart the feedback received over my years of teaching- significantly better sleep after a yoga practice tops the list.

Expectant mothers should stay active & adequately mobile throughout pregnancy. If there aren’t any special medical circumstances, whereby you are prescribed to bed rest from your professional healthcare provider, you should be engaged in a healthy amount of motion/exercises throughout your pregnancy. From a different point of view, being able to engage freely in mild exercises during pregnancy is also a health checkpoint, since it is because you are all well & good – thus, you are able to.


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