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Climate change, human & plastic convenience.

Updated: May 13, 2023

Just looking at the amount of plastics my household produced, I’m just mortified, terrified & guilty.

Just imagine how much the entire world would.....

When I looked out the window and see everything else under the sweltering hot sun, quite frankly- I just feel like dying.

How could anything else live out there!?! The birds, the trees, the homeless cats & dogs, the homeless humans, the polar bears & cars.

I dare not say I harm-not the environment but I’m definitely not one who has turned my back & AM doing all I can as an individual.

Apart from separating trash voluntarily under no constitution requirements, I am personally very strict on take-out meals.

I refrain from packing food if I fail to bring containers with me. If I have forgotten and really wants it?!? “Serves me right,” I say to myself!

“Bring your own containers or you shall go home hungry.”

Also, knowing that outside meals are usually a little too much for me, I’ll bring containers along to pack the extra instead of using the ones from the restaurants.

So, let me tell you this before you start mumbling that the rest of your family might be too old or too young to understand the importance of reducing plastic waste: it is in fact my already-deceased, a very aged grandmother who inspired me to wash the plastics and reuse them ( I remembered that sight so vividly to this day)

So, before you blame it on anything and anyone else, are you doing your part?!?

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my almost 60 years old mother who also follow suit and make recycling a part of her life!! NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN. Of course, I gotta admit that I did sorta "blackmailed" her with:

1. pictures of poor kids swimming in rivers of trash.

2. skinny polar bear-moms with fluffy baby bears.

3. dying wild lives.

4. reminding her of her mother’s effort.

5. ultimately, swearing off potential-grandkids by threatening to remove my well, attached & innocent uterus

Hahahaha! Though I am not sure which closed the deal but I’m just glad it worked.

Now, if you are about to say you are TOO BUSY, TOO HIGH UP, TOO EDUCATED or TOO ELITE for this kind of PETTY EFFORT, please know that there is still no solid sign of viable life beyond Earth, let alone one that has an appreciation for currency!!

But still, I’m glad that you are high up!! Brilliant!!!!! Because it means YOU HAVE MORE POWER THAN A PEASANT LIKE ME to make a BIGGER DIFFERENCE.

You can:

1. invest in R&D and create alternatives that will not turn into the next problem.

2. LEAD A CHANGE from top to bottom.

3. CHANGE your packaging to something else sustainable.

4. use your ELITE POWER to influence others to do the right thing.

5. SPREAD THE MESSAGE among your class since you have a better reach.

Just to name but a few.

If you are married and with a family or about to start a family- there is just no logic in why I’m working on this much harder than you should!!

The younger generation (MIND YOU, that these kids weren’t even created from my eggs) who will live longer than you and I, are whom who will most likely suffered the full-bloomed global warming if we failed to contain or reverse this.

So, don’t just hide inside the air-cond room & under your suits and complain!


You really don’t have to look so far off to the north or south pole to realise the devastating impact of our man-made trash.

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