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Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day? Yes, of course, BUT…

Updated: May 14, 2023

Who says it must be eaten in the morning?!

I REALLY miss eating bread.

Not for breakfast. Just bread. Anytime.


Long story short, I am one of those who had ALWAYS had to work on my body.

I am not obese, but I am just not slim.

And that is just a nicer way to say: “ You're not very fat, but you are fat in a way.” lol

I would get off a weight loss program feeling relatively successful and thought I would definitely continue to lose the excess as long as I take everything in moderation & exercise more.

This goes on for at least 2 decades. Decades!


Turned out it wasn’t because I wasn’t determined enough (why else would I kept trying, if I wasn’t?), it was because:


Insulin Resistance- probably the health & food industry’s best kept secret.

The untold truth that wasted so much of this then-young maiden’s youth & effort. lol. (old now)


So, if you’re still eating breakfast for the sake of sticking to a norm, (created by our human civilization for various reasons- money, economy, job opportunities, gree…..- let’s not name them all),

You are putting YOUR LIFE on the line;

when the very reason you are eating right, is for your health.


Below are my notes on the whole weight loss thing.

The missing piece + the piece we were sold, separated by a dotted line.

I hope everyone out there had better luck with your body than me.


So, is breakfast that bad?

Yes and no- depending on your body. This may sound triggering to some, but I’m not gonna sugarcoat:

No- if you have no problem with your body, specifically no belly fats. Fit, fast & fantastic, like a cheetah-no problem.

Yes- if you have that excess belly, increasing waistline even when you are on a juice fast, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes & just about any health conditions that are currently being controlled by a daily dosage of approved-drugs.


So, you got to decide whether you want to take breakfast off your menu, (thereby attempting to fast/eat lesser), for health

OR an organ of yours for life- for your life.

By the way, juice fasting is not exactly fasting, since you’re technically just eating food in liquid form. lol.

Fasting means- no external food/nutrients in your system, so, your body would use its own fat fuel.

Just saying.

Yours truly: J who is currently on KETO + IF

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