A word that is so widely used and "practiced" by many. But, are we really meditating? Can one really "do" meditation? 

The ancient art of meditation- as scripted in the sutra, is a process of focusing the mind and freeing the mind from scattering thoughts to enable one to connect with our internal wisdom, Divinity or true Self.  

Meditation is not an escape from stresses or "pain" but rather a state of realization. Meditation is absolute, and it goes beyond time, space, conditions & limitations. As such, meditation is not really something we can "do" but much more of a situation that happens when the conditions are right at the point of the time.


The state of meditation is beyond words. Meditation can only be experienced.

Therefore, we are merely learning techniques to induce a meditative state in which when the conditions are right, one will then drop into meditation or in other words, meditation will then "happen".

Yoga as defined by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra: "Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodha" translated into English as "the stilling of the mind", meditation is thus the purpose of all practices that called themselves "yoga".


Stillness in action

Meditation is a state of emotional, spiritual & physical stillness. To attempt:

a) stay still: observe comfortable postures (sthira, sukham,asanam). Only when one is at ease, then one can stay still.

b) breathe still: observe proper breathing patterns (breath awareness), as the breath directly affect and reflect the state of mind. The breath should be gentle, long, slow, deep, diaphragmatic yet natural.

b) think still and be still (is still)-  observe the rise and fall of emotions and thoughts. Do not get attached nor resist them. Staying present and aware-allowing our consciousness to see, to observe, to recognize and to feel and eventually allowing them to pass. "I Do Nothing, I Want Nothing, I Am Nothing.": meditation as defined by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Effortless-effort.

I am Stillness

"Still" is more than the physical description of appearing as "not moving" in the yoga context: It is the quality of stillness that we hold even though we are in motion, be it the body or mind; that the physical turmoil is not the reflection of our inner peace of mind, body and soul; that we are only as still as the whole of "stillness" that is held within regardless of external factors; that it is a realization that motion and stillness are in fact one- Just like the water rippling from the depths of stillness.

About the yogi

Jia Ern is a practitioner since her teenage years and is an experienced teacher in KL, Malaysia. Her students range from expatriates to locals, moms to corporate professionals. 

Teachers' training with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier of With-Yin Yoga on Yin Yoga and Anatomy propelled her into a further search of answers for this ancient science. She went on to practice with Shilpa Ghatalia in Integrative Yoga. Further training with Paddy McGrath specializing in backbend greatly influence her practice.

She is certified by Malaysia Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI) and is a RYT-200, registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.

She teaches both Yang & Yin yoga, also specializing in Pre-natal yoga. Her teaching emphasizes motion from the spine.

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