Just wash your buttocks people.

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

And it is really cleaner to- based on my at least 10 years' experience.

I get it. I absolutely understand. You are just too used to this norm.

You’ve probably been taught YOUR ENTIRE LIFE that the only right thing to do after taking a shit, it is to wipe it off with toilet paper.


I know, I know- it is not your fault. You’ve been trained as such.

That is why society often emphasize education from YOUNG- because it is truly the best time to learn & to KEEP THE LEARNING.

Also known as- brainwashing. Hahaha.

Of course, under any normal circumstances, it is not a problem at all. Your arseh**e and toilet paper affair are all yours.

Single-ply, 2-ply, cottony feel, cucumber-scented, with Shea butter for that extra care- anything you want.

But HEY, these days are JUST NOT that NORMAL. There is a pandemic going on and you’re worried about your arseh**e of all body parts?!? SERIOUSLY??!? HAHAHA!

Again, I understand. I truly understand. It is the norm, right? It’s strictly speaking quite an ancient practice to use a tissue to wipe shitty butt and it could very well have its place on the list of heritage practice.

But HEY, AGAIN, buying to the extent that your animalistic behavior starts surfacing (human don’t naturally stampede, ya’ll) and

those who naturally stampede do not use toilet paper after taking a shit. HAHAHA..

This is simply NOT OK and certainly isn’t what civilization means. (although it is funny to talk about. haha)


OK, it may be a little difficult to change and adapt, but do you want to be continually enslaved by toilet paper??

“ALL HAIL LORD TOILET PAPER!!” (as depicted above) =p

People, perhaps it is time for a revolution. Ok, maybe revolution is a word too big. A change.

Stop hoarding tissue paper and just wash your buttocks.

And there is a word for this technique/technology/tool/methodology, it’s called a BIDET.

I am not boasting(haha)- but I’d been trained to wash my butt for as long as I could remember and I’d never had cleaner buttocks. (AND I’m f***ing civilized & educated. haha)

Squeaky clean buttocks. Really. hahaha!


If you really can’t have that in your bathroom now- just go wash your butt in the shower.


Emancipate your butt and FREE YOUR MIND.

I had a really good laugh (and understanding of bidet) from this article:



Let’s return freedom to your arseh**e.

(and toilet paper to the people of your nation!)

AND PERHAPS- also a good time to START TRAINING YOUR KIDS TO USE le bidet.

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